Office 2010 Error 1935

Error 1935 can also occur whilst putting in Microsoft Office 2010. This article will stroll you via all of the steps required to repair this trouble.


1. Close All Instances of Microsoft Office
2. Repair Congested Registry Entries
three. Restart the Computer
4. Repair Microsoft.NET Framework 2 Installation
five. Reinstall Windows Installer
6. Disable Antivirus Software
7. Disable Firewall Protection
eight. Uninstall Earlier Versions of Microsoft Office

Close All Instances of Microsoft Office

Office 2010 blunders 1935 may arise in case https aka ms remoteconnect you are strolling other times of Microsoft Office machine. For instance, Microsoft Word 2010 is open at the time you run setup for putting in Microsoft Access 2010.

Before jogging the setup, make certain that each one instances of Microsoft Office machine are closed. The setup can’t perform a project and modify the shared files if they’re already in use. Hence ensure that every one factors along with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and so forth are closed.

Repair Congested Registry Entries

Microsoft Office 2010 setup stores its configurations and past information in the gadget registry. Unauthorized change in these registry keys with the aid of different applications generates runtime troubles and errors.

In many cases I had visible, congested and what is dot world of warcraft obsolete registry entries were accountable for Office 2010 mistakes 1935. Hence, restore the registry first before looking to run the setup.

Restart the Computer

Microsoft Office 2010 setup deals with various shared device files. A Non-Microsoft program the usage of such shared document which the setup requires to modify, improve or delete at the time of installation may also display Office 2010 errors 1935.

Restarting the laptop may additionally resolve the hassle. Make sure that very few applications are walking on the device startup for lowering  the possibility of using shared documents by means of other packages. To accomplish that, click Start type MsConfig, press ENTER and disable maximum startup applications and offerings. Then, restart your pc.

Repair Microsoft.NET Framework 2 Installation

Microsoft.NET Framework 2 is a software framework from Microsoft that consists of a big library assisting several programming languages and enabling language interoperability.

Corrupted installation of Microsoft.NET Framework 2 may also bring about Office 2010 errors 1935. You want to repair it as advised underneath Uninstall a Program.
3. Select Microsoft.NET Framework 2 from the list of mounted applications.
Four. Click Repair button. If that button isn’t to be had, click on Change button.
Five. From the setup wizard that opens, choose Repair Microsoft.NET Framework 2 alternative, and click Next button.
6. Follow the on display screen commands.
7. Reboot the device after of completion.

Note: For folks who had now not set up Microsoft.NET Framework 2 need to down load it freely from Microsoft website and installation in your laptop. And people who had set up Microsoft.NET Framework 1.1 need to try repairing it to repair the hassle.

Reinstall Windows Installer

The Microsoft Windows Installer is an utility set up and configuration provider. It is used to put in Microsoft and Non-Microsoft software to your computer.

Office 2010 errors 1935 can also occur if Windows how much does an axolotl cost Installer documents are corrupted. So down load its fresh replica from Microsoft internet site and reinstall it again.

Disable Antivirus Software

Many antivirus programs have actual shield protection. A actual shield protection scans each and each file associated with the tasks walking to your computer. It is a generally visible experience that many antivirus softwares cause troubles throughout the activities carried out by way of setup programs. Likewise, Office 2010 error 1935 might also occur because of the have an effect on of your antivirus software program.

To cope with it, briefly disable your antivirus software until Microsoft Office 2010 is absolutely hooked up. To do so, right click the system tray icon of your antivirus software program and pick out Disable choice.

Disable Firewall Protection

For fixing Office 2010 error 1935, disable your firewall safety. Below are the steps to disable Windows Firewall:

1. Click Start on the Taskbar.
2. Type Windows Firewall in the Search container.
Three. Open Windows Firewall with Advanced Security from the search consequences.
4. In the brand new window, right click on Windows Firewall with Advanced Security.
Five. Select Properties.
6. In the State body, from Firewall State drop down container, choose Off choice OK.

Uninstall Earlier Versions of Microsoft Office

If you had already mounted an earlier version of Microsoft Office, together with, Microsoft Office 2007, then uninstall them first. Then, run Microsoft Office 2010 setup one by one. Office 2010 errors 1935 may not persist.

1. Click Start